Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Chapter 10

Danger levels had risen amongst the Empire. Many of the engines felt it necessary to send troops after Mittens, and bring her to justice.

“It’s no good.” said Stockfish, wisely. “We’ll be wasting our time. From what I’ve witnessed today, Mittens is in the company of a highly dangerous virus. Our troops wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Well, what do you propose, Emperor?” asked LC Zero. “We can’t very well stand here and watch while Mittens takes over the city.”

Stockfish knew that very well. Fortunately, a plan of action had begun to form within his mind…

A few minutes later, he and LC Zero, the next highest rated engine, walked into the emperor’s invention chamber, where he had created their solution to the problem.

“I have designed what one might call… an assassin bot, LC Zero.” said Stockfish, moving towards a glass container standing upright. “This bot has been designed to hone its skills and become a professional assassin. I call her: Slayer M3GAN.”

“You think this Slayer could strike down the greatest threat we’ve faced in decades?” questioned a clearly unbelieving LC Zero.

“M3GAN is a clear display of the future. A bot that improves at a rapid rate, possessing information and gaining knowledge, it could be a true adversary to our cat problem.”

LC Zero pursed his lips but said no more. The Emperor pushed a button, and the glass chamber slowly opened. Inside, the bot opened her eyes, emitting a golden flash of light.

Slayer M3GAN had brown hair, and emitted a golden ray. Stockfish seemed satisfied with his creation, and slowly nodded his head.

“What is it that you want, Emperor Sir?” asked M3GAN, loyally.

“Slayer M3GAN, you have been called upon here today to hone your skills and battle a supercomputer. On the outside, she seems a meek, little kitten. On the inside, she is a reckless, diabolical, and brutal spirit guided by revenge and fury. Do not underestimate the cat.”

“You can count on me, Sir.” said M3GAN. Stockfish smiled. “I know I can.”

“I wish to leave at once for Chess City, Sir.” said the assassin bot.

“And so you shall.” said Stockfish. “Our fate is in your hands, M3GAN. Don’t disappoint.”

With that message firmly in mind, M3GAN took leave of the invention chamber for Chess City, determined to do her job and take care of this… cat. Surely the Empire were over-reacting, she thought. I mean, how much trouble can one kitten be?

Ayaan Chettiar

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