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Student, Writer, Chess Player.

Ayaan Chettiar
Math Magic - Ayaan Chettiar

Math Magic Multiverse

Math Magic Multiverse Haven’t all of us encountered times of boredom where we simply trudge around the house, wishing for something to do. Well, for those of you who relate to these “boring” moments as I do, this is the perfect article for you, an all-time hack into ensuring boredom never comes close. Math Magic. …

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Wonka Movie Review - Ayaan Chettiar

Movie Review – Wonka

As we snuggle into our homes nearing the conclusion of the remarkable 2023, the holiday season is alive with the traditional festive cheer, household residents bursting with anticipation for the upcoming Christmas celebration. From the young awaiting the onset of Saint Nicholas in the dead of night to the old holding hands and reveling in …

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Homeland Blues - Ayaan Chetiar

Homeland Blues

When everyone says to which state they belong,Which culture they live by, which traditions they follow,I remain rooted, steadfast, to my spot in the corner,Not a word leaves my mouth, not a whisper so hollow… In a dilemma, caught am I,between my birthplace and my ancestral tide,The land of my parents, or that of those …

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The Unknown

Perhaps it be a ghastly shadow,Lurking in the dark,Or maybe a faint yet wicked apparition,From within your cruelest dreams Or a simple, harmless rumor,That over the years, has spread,And now haunts every house and person,Like a contagious virus, end to end Could be the simple phobia,Of not being in control,An inability to comprehend,What lies before …

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