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Movie Review – Wonka

As we snuggle into our homes nearing the conclusion of the remarkable 2023, the holiday season is alive with the traditional festive cheer, household residents bursting with anticipation for the upcoming Christmas celebration. From the young awaiting the onset of Saint Nicholas in the dead of night to the old holding hands and reveling in the magic of the holiday season, it comes as no surprise that the birth of Christ signals a beloved festival for all. And what better way to cherish family togetherness than with a heartwarming tale to witness on the big screen to close the year! Enter Wonka.

Almost 20 years after the release of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in theatres, and nearly 60 after the titular novel of the same name was penned down by the great Roald Dahl himself, this imaginative prequel showcases the rise of Willy Wonka from a creative chocolatier to the greatest mind in the field ever seen. From his days making ends meet to becoming a worldwide sensation, Timothee Chalamet helms the chocolate-maker’s innovative adventure to fame and fortune, coupled with captivating melodies and excellent performances by the talented cast.

From the very first second to its closing credits, Willy Wonka’s journey from rags to riches appeals to all, endearing audiences to the screen down every nook and cranny. Armed with an assortment of catchy tunes, an inspiring message and characters bound to bend your heartstrings, its tale from start to conclusion leaves all watchers longing for more. As the protagonist and his allies battle to overcome the evil forces that encompass the chocolate industry, the cinema hall is alive with enthusiasm as observes await the next surprise in store. With the hateful Scrubbit and Bleacher at the fore, the corrupted Chief of Police and purely villainous Chocolate Cartel, the well-rounded antagonists are the icing on the cake in this musical masterpiece by Paul King.

Loved performances by OGs of the film industry like Hugh Grant are surely fan favorites, while the recurring appearance of Rowan Atkinson as Father Julius will most certainly draw cheer from the crowds. Nevertheless, the cherry on the top remains the unbeatable storyline and tonal effects, resulting in not a single somber moment throughout the film. It’ll have your eyes pop with creativity, make you laugh at the humor and cry at the agony, and do everything a prequel should: deliver a movie guaranteed to win over audiences of all ages in the years to come.

To conclude, for all those who have not yet seen Wonka on the big screen, be sure to visit theatres in near future to behold firsthand this visual spectacle for the ages. Kudos to Paul King, Timothee Chalamet, Hugh Grant and the rest of the cast and the team for their work in creating a masterpiece that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest children’s movies ever made; it most certainly will go down in mine.

Ayaan Chettiar

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