How the sun shines in the sky Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -

How The Sun Shines In The Sky

In the Morning, at the crack of dawn
The Sun gives us a wake-up call,
The birds, they chirp and they fly,
How the Sun Shines in the Sky

Its heat and light shines everywhere,
All of us inside its lair,
Its yellow rays bright up the sky,
The Sun, it seems to smile!

The endless nights turn to day,
The Sun, it shines, lively and gay
The Dark no more, but now the light,
How the Sun Shines in the Sky

The Sun bright up the sky above,
With cheerfulness and with love,
Only birds and clouds and planes in view,
The Sky’s so beautiful

As morning comes, so does the sun
Higher, higher, up, up, up!
The day gets brighter, then it stops,
So Pleasant and Warm

Then the Sun waves a small bye-bye,
As it hikes its way down the skies,
Evening comes, and then the night,
How the Sun Shines in the Sky

Ayaan Chettiar

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