Reading is fun Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -

Reading Is Fun

The library was full of books,
Big and small, in different looks,
I sat upon, in suit and bow,
And read the tales of Sherlock Holmes

My mind was full of countless myths
I read upon Henry the Fifth
Blyton’s tales were on my mind,
I read through all I could find!

Potter’s life was full of powers,
I read with joy Malory Towers!
Wonka’s sweets were simply marvel,
Theo Boone’s just like a lawyer

Jackson’s tales were on my mind,
Apollo went for quite the ride,
Ember’s books were full of might,
Dahl’s stories rather nice!

Stilton’s books were quite the make,
Heffley Greg just takes the cake,
One by one, I read these tales,
Every single one, so great!

I breezed through Charlotte’s web
And so the simple fact remains
Tedious words simply won’t do,
But reading is fun too!

Ayaan Chettiar

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