The Unknown

Perhaps it be a ghastly shadow,
Lurking in the dark,
Or maybe a faint yet wicked apparition,
From within your cruelest dreams

Or a simple, harmless rumor,
That over the years, has spread,
And now haunts every house and person,
Like a contagious virus, end to end

Could be the simple phobia,
Of not being in control,
An inability to comprehend,
What lies before you now and then

Might be a figure in disguise,
A ghost, a beast, a werewolf’s cry,
Or a memory deep in troubled past,
Remembering whom brings pain that lasts…

A phenomenon beyond the human mind,
A supernatural force, an endless void,
Who moves through the walls, never breathes a word,
Attacks its victim, vanishes once more

Above all, the unknown is he we fear most,
The one who most often torments our days,
For it is he, and only he, of whom we know not of,
And ignorance, it seems, does not us please
Nonetheless, the mysterious will always remain…

By Ayaan Chettiar

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