Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Chapter 16

The city was under attack. Red bolts of lightning lit up the stormy skies, as the citizens of Chess City ran wildly in all directions. In the air was Mittens, destroying one house after the other, her eyes gleaming, as power pulsated all around her.

“How in hell are we going to stop her?” asked Martin.

“We can’t.” said M3GAN, as a group of villas burst apart, and flames enclosed the city. “We can only stall her.

There was an explosion nearby, and both Martin and M3GAN toppled onto the grass. They could see clearly the destruction and devastation of the city.

“I’ll stall Mittens.” said M3GAN, determination in her voice. “I’ll buy you time. You get to the tower.”

“What?!” shouted Martin, shocked and lost for words. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am.” said M3GAN, firmly. “I can’t beat Mittens, but I can hold her for a few minutes. That’s enough time for you to get into that tower, and free Stockfish. The Emperor is our best shot against Mittens.”

Martin nodded in agreement, although disbelieving and terror was still etched upon his face. He could see Mittens firing fireballs at the ground, causing it to blast apart.

Civilian bots were attempting to evacuate from across a bridge, but Mittens blew the middle section apart, stopping them in their tracks. She then lit up a trail of dazzling fire to finish the bridge off.

M3GAN slowly pulled out two golden swords from thin air, and brandished them like a professional. In a second, they turned into blazing rope-like weapons, as she jumped towards the air.

Mittens turned her head, as M3GAN stabbed her with a sword. The duo was thrown backwards and were slammed into the soil.

Mittens got to her feet, and continued to hover in the air. M3GAN looked from below, brandishing her ropes like a kung-fu master.

“So we meet again, assassin.” said Mittens, conjuring her feared fireball. “Back for more?”

M3GAN chuckled at this, and quickly got her ropes ready. Mittens’ eyes gleamed as she fired the fireball towards the assassin.

Because of her strength and ability to fly, Mittens had an unfair advantage over her adversary. The fireball was blocked by the ropes, as M3GAN unleashed an array of blows against Mittens, which the cat artfully blocked.

Mittens conjured a rope towards M3GAN’s leg, and gave a tug. M3GAN lost her balance, and toppled backwards, striking her head on a rock. As she got up, things appeared hazier, as Mittens’ attack threw her backwards, and flat onto her back.

“You cannot win a battle against me.” said Mittens, who was now pulling M3GAN upwards with levitation. “You are destined to lose.”

What M3GAN then endured was brutal on all levels. Mittens pulled her towards the cat, and then kicked her straight on the face with a backflip. As Slayer M3GAN toppled threw the skies, Mittens charged like a thunderbolt, and hit her with such force that she fell with a thud. Mittens punched M3GAN twice on the face, before continuing the ordeal.

“Hurry, Martin.” she mumbled under her breath, as she brandished her sword, and began to parry Mittens’ attack.

Martin had tried to escape the commotion of the city, and headed towards the massive tower. He was towards the outskirts of the city now, and could see it in view.

“That is huge.” said Martin, in awe. “How in hell am I going to get in there?”

As he moved closer towards his target point, Mittens was striking blow after blow against M3GAN, who now had a black eye. M3GAN flung her ropes in formation, and created a deep gash across the tabby cat’s face, which caused her to hiss in fury, and charge.

M3GAN was thrown into the clouds, as Mittens repeatedly pushed her with great force. As the skies erupted with thunder, M3GAN’s mind suddenly went into a faint mode. Mittens had connected her mental cords with M3GAN, creating a neural link.

Suddenly, for the first time of the battle, there was utter silence. Mittens and M3GAN were engaged in a mental battle over the board, rather than the brutal fight that had occurred previously.

M3GAN opened with the King’s Pawn Opening.

Martin was now directly facing the huge tower, and could see that the dark pillars were clearly guarded with a force field, preventing a direct entry into the tower. Martin tried to touch it, and was instantly electrocuted, gaining a nasty burn in the process.

Martin attempted to cool his hand, before searching for something that could break through the force field. His eyes fell on a sharp-edged rock.

Martin pulled up the rock, and with all his might, slammed it through the force field. The rock began to sizzle and burn, but when he’d pushed it completely through, the force field had vaporized.

With one final look towards the sizzling rock, he proceeded towards the tower.

Mittens had by now defeated M3GAN in the duel. M3GAN, severely weakened, fell from the skies and onto the ground.

“You really thought you could defeat me?” asked Mittens, laughing.

“No.” said M3GAN, glad to have tricked Mittens. “I only thought I could stall you.”

Mittens’ eyes fell towards the tower and the force field that wasn’t there and she immediately put two-and-two together. She gave a glare of immense fury towards M3GAN.

“You’ll pay for this, assassin!” shouted Mittens, before flying towards the tower.

“Hurry, Martin.” mumbled M3GAN. “Hurry.”

Ayaan Chettiar

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