Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Chapter 15

M3GAN was on the chase, and desperately wanted to pick up the clues that Mittens had left to locate the emperor. It was Martin, who assured her that it was better to play the Championship first, and then do detective work later.

As it was, this turned out to be a costly mistake. At the same time that M3GAN was getting ready for her round one game against Alexander, Mittens was seething with rage.

“How dare they reject me?” she mumbled. “Just like that stupid idiot of an emperor. But I’ll show them. I’ll make them accept me…”

As the evil cat prepared for an assault on the city, Martin sat nervously in the waiting lounge. The games had begun, and he was hoping for M3GAN to do well.

He began fiddling his fingers anxiously. How long will this take? he thought, despite it only having been two minutes.

His worries were misguided, as M3GAN played accurately and devastatingly, knocking blow after blow against Alexander. Alex had no weakness whatsoever, a monstrous dragon who could blow his opponents off the board, but the slayer was too strong for him.

M3GAN had no proper rating, and so she was in the lower cut, and being paired against very strong opponents. After a victory against Luke in Round 2, she began to face some tough ones.

The long duel against GothamChess was a grueling one for M3GAN, but the slayer took home the point. But as evening set in, she was anxious for the final two rounds.

Other than a loss to Hikaru, M3GAN had been ruthless. As she battled it out against Wesley, she could see Hikaru in trouble against Ian. If Hikaru crumbled, the scores would be evened.

As it was, it was neck-and-neck going into the final round of the Chess City Championship. As Martin got ready to see the action unfold, he remembered the mysterious tower, and something clicked.

“Of course.” he mumbled, with sudden understanding. “Oh no, if the Emperor’s stuck in there… I need to tell M3GAN.”

He decided to wait it out till the end of the final round, featuring M3GAN vs. Ian. Failing to understand the severity of the situation, Martin did not react at once. Which gave Mittens a window.

The cat’s ego had been shattered when she had been shunned by those useless buffoons of Chess City. Now, she was out for vengeance. Watch out, Chess City, she thought. I’m coming for you.

Martin could feel it in the air. It was more than the tense atmosphere. He could sense something bad was soon to happen. And it did.

As the endgame closed in between M3GAN and Ian, the whole the hall began to shake. M3GAN looked up, as a piece of the ceiling fell, and crushed the chessboard. She got to her feet, as the lights began to flicker, and she heard an explosion.

The bots began to run in all directions, as Martin entered the hall, and his eyes met M3GAN’s. They knew who was to blame. They also knew it was bad.

“M3GAN!” he shouted. “I know where she’s holding the Emperor.”

“Where?” shouted M3GAN back, as tables collapsed, and the ceiling crumbled.

“The tower.” said Martin, as he grabbed M3GAN by the hand, and they escaped the playing hall.

Ayaan Chettiar

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