Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Chapter 18

Reminiscent of the first duel, the Emperor enjoyed a powerful advantage over Mittens, both in strength and experience. Martin’s eyes could only catch the duo slamming into each other in the skies.

Martin moaned, and slowly began to move sideways. He was in a daze, but happy and full of confidence of victory.

His confidence was not misguided. The Emperor fired an armada of fireballs at Mittens, all of which she blocked but one. The fireball hit Mittens squarely on the chest, and pushed her with such force that she slammed into a tree. The Emperor then charged, and hit her once more.

As the fight gained altitude, Mittens’ fury was depicted by the mighty storm, as lightning flashed across the skies. Before long, the duo had disappeared into the clouds.

Mittens looked around to decipher the location of the Emperor, who had visibly vanished in the thick fog. Just then, she was hit from the back, and was seriously dizzied. She turned about, as another fireball hit her.

Mittens tried to escape the fog, but was then hit by the full force of Stockfish yet again. The duo exited the clouds, as Stockfish hit Mittens with 3 consecutive punches, sending her into a spin.

When Mittens managed to steady herself, she could see Stockfish readying for the next attack. As quick as lightning, she pressed her watch, as Cyber Cat jumped out of a portal.

Stockfish was taken by surprise, and couldn’t react in time. The virus grabbed him with its claws, as the duo engaged in a brawl across the skies. Mittens glared at the Emperor.

“I should have finished you off when I had the chance.” she snarled. “But no matter, I’ll just do it now.”

Martin got to his feet with a moan, as Mittens buried him under a pile of rocks. Stockfish desperately tried to pull off the virus.

The virus emitted a series of electric shockwaves, with the kind of behavior that suggested it deeply wanted to tear Stockfish to shreds. But the Emperor wasn’t going down without a fight.

The electricity emitted from both powerhouses made its impact. Stockfish knew it was only a matter of time before he perished, because the virus was close to entering his system. And he knew then and there what needed to be done.

He attacked the virus with all his might, subduing it for a brief moment or two. His eyes met Martin, who had just escaped the rubble, and Stockfish slowed raised his hand.

Suddenly, information was swarming in a horde. But unlike the brutal finale of Rybka, Houdini, LC Zero, Komodo, Shredder, Fritz, and so many others, this one was organized and peaceful, under the Emperor’s command.

Mittens was blinded with a sudden flash of light, as the light hit Martin on the chest. Martin began to hover ever so slightly, as more and more bits of theory and knowledge flew into him from Stockfish’s body. Every second of doing this weakened the Emperor further, but he knew it had to be done.

When the last bit of information flew into Martin, he fell back to the ground. Stockfish was now pale and lonely, unlike his previous dazzling white exterior. Cyber Cat fell to the ground and broke apart, destroyed by the impact.

As Mittens watched triumphantly, Stockfish slowly toppled backwards and fell from the skies, disappearing into the dust.

The great engine had fallen.

Emperor Stockfish was dead.

Ayaan Chettiar

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