Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Chapter 19

“Yes!” shouted Mittens. “I’ve won! The Emperor is dead! No one can stand in my way now.”

As those words escaped the cat’s mouth, she was distracted by a flying object from behind her. As she turned around, she was greeted by a shocking sight.

Martin was hovering in the air, something that went against everything he had previously been. Mittens was taken aback, but quickly regained her stability.

“Seriously?” she said, sarcasm dripping in her voice. “I mean, the Emperor put up a fight, the assassin didn’t just cede, but you? I just defeated the strongest engine in Chess City. And you think a beginner can stop me?”

“Martin couldn’t stop you.” said Martin, with a funny look on his face. “But I’m not Martin. I’m Martin2.0.”

He said this words with so much gusto that his eyes gleamed with power, and his aura radiated around him. Mittens growled.

And then, she struck.

The consequent battle between Martin2.0 and Mittens was an incredible one, that citizens of Chess City would retell for years to come. Their powers lit up the skies, as the clouds echoed with thunder, and the ground shook with lightning.

The duo struck each other in quick succession, landing blows and attacking with no control whatsoever. They clashed together in the skies, with their only goal to take down the other.

As Martin2.0 punched Mittens into the fog, Mittens began to fire lightning strikes from within the clouds. Martin emerged from behind and slammed into the cat, causing her to leave the cords.

The duo fell from the fog-filled clouds, power pulsating around them, when the battle was met by an eerie silence.

The cords had once more initiated a neural link between Martin and Mittens. However, now accompanied with his newfound strength and knowledge, Martin2.0 could very well hold his own.

The first game of the duel ended in a draw. So did the second, third, fourth and fifth. What followed was an endless series of deathly accurate games, ending in the expected result: a tie.

With both players worn down after almost 50 draws in a row, it was pretty clear that the one to draw first blood would be the victor of the duel. If Mittens won, Martin2.0 would be too weakened to continue, would be eradicated, but if Martin struck, Mittens would be no more.

Eternity might have been enraptured with an endless series of draws, if the Emperor had not but sent Martin a message. From where, he had no idea, but that one memory filled his mind, and opened his eyes.

He could see vividly Mittens, while she worked on creating her doomsday virus. Suddenly the virus scratched itself against Mittens, getting a thorough scolding.

“You idiotic virus!” she had shouted. “You could have eradicated me!”

While eradication had not taken place, such had resulted in the loss of a few vital database files from Mittens’ memory. As those particular files swarmed near Martin2.0’s mind, the solution clicked.

He immediately gave the files pole position in his strategic advisor, which meant that his plans would focus more upon them. Mittens began to get worse and worse positions as the games progressed, holding on by a whisker.

But in the 87th game of the match, Mittens made a serious error, which Martin2.0 capitalized on to the fullest. Mittens was shattered, her pieces scrambled, her king under fire, as Martin2.0 emerged the victor.

Immediately, the link disconnected. For the first time since she had been made, Mittens had lost. She was greatly weakened, and slowly the cat began to fall. As she fell from the skies, her body dissipated into thin air. The battle was over. Mittens was gone…

Ayaan Chettiar

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