Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Chapter 7

It took a few minutes for the council to recover from what they had just witnessed, which was a clearly cocky tabby cat going up against the whole of the Empire, vowing revenge and directly threatening the emperor.

“Well…” said Stockfish, too taken aback by the meeting. “I suppose we should recommence.”

There were murmurs of agreement at this, and Stockfish banged the podium twice, and the council once more began their normal proceedings. But Mittens didn’t forgive or forget, and was determined to carry out her promise.

Instead of going back to Chess City and showing her strength in the Championship, at which point she would have likely been considered for a spot in the Empire, the cat’s pride got the best of her. Foolishly, Mittens prepared an assault against the Empire, one that would make them bow down to her.

“Time to go incognito.” mumbled Mittens.

There was a deserted area near the Empire, quite far from Chess City, and seemed the perfect place for Mittens to establish her main base.

As she had commenced the journey to The Empire, more and more bits of information kept coming to her at the oddest of times, things she had previously ignored, but now paid attention to.

“A virus.” she mumbled, from within an old basement filled with various gadgets. “Seems just about right.”

As Mittens recalled the calculations she had witnessed a few nights prior, she remembered clearly the key to playing good chess. Each engine, each bot, had a database, and without the database, were useless. She would create a virus, one that would destroy the database, eradicate the engines, and force The Empire into subjugation.

Right. A rather evil plot for a tabby cat.

But as I mentioned, Mittens wasn’t an ordinary kitten. She wasn’t ready to accept defeat, or correct the flaws in her character; instead she remained determined to finish the battle, and to emerge victorious.

She worked many nights, on the virus she had so created. The virus was in the form of a cat, who looked as if her feathers were seriously ruffled. Some anger issues were at bay. Mittens decided to call it Cyber Cat. Her master weapon of destruction.

Step One was done. Step Two was about to begin…

Ayaan Chettiar

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