Around The World Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -

Around The World

On Friday Eve, Ms. Globe, she said,To make a map of Geography,From pictures all over the world,Fact files were the simple key When the bell went off, the students scram,But me and Jack, we stayed quite back,And thought, “How to go around the world?”Without a little help from Tinkerbell! So we raced into the garden …

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Night Out Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -

Night Out

You can see it on our merry face,Our energy can’t be controlled,Fun levels are over the roof,Our happiness knows no bounds! As we sit down and enjoy a chat,With friends both old and new,Maybe play a round of Sequence, Chess,Or flip an UNO Card around! The sound of murmurs echo through these halls,Like sounds that …

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