Spring Season Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -

Spring Season

When the flowers start to blossom,Fresh air, it feels so awesome,In the Middle of March, it begins. Cats meow, and dogs, they bark,You’d like to go fer’ a stroll into the park, Spring’s all around the corner,Fun, it has no lasting border. Life’s a joy, so great a dream,Enjoying nature, it starts to gleam, Strolling …

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Rainy Season Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -

Rainy Season

Summer says bye, while the rain bids hello,The hols are at an end, they went nice and slow…Time to pick up the old books, cause the heat’s flown by,Looking out the window, there are clouds in the sky… The drops flow down the sill, cause it’s rainy day time,And everyone is smiling at the cloud-covered sky,These days …

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