Homeland Blues - Ayaan Chetiar

Homeland Blues

When everyone says to which state they belong,Which culture they live by, which traditions they follow,I remain rooted, steadfast, to my spot in the corner,Not a word leaves my mouth, not a whisper so hollow… In a dilemma, caught am I,between my birthplace and my ancestral tide,The land of my parents, or that of those …

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Courage Poem - Ayaan Chettiar -


When you’re up against a trouble,Don’t just walk away and ignore,Make your move and stand right up,Cause that’s what makes you score, There’s nothing to lose, stand right in front,Don’t try to run, cause it just won’t work…You may succeed, you may fail,That doesn’t matter, don’t just stay frail, Keep it together and concentrate,Don’t lose …

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