Chess City - A New Novel By Ayaan Chettiar

Chess City – Final Chapter

The aftermath to the attack on Chess City was characterized by dramatic changes in leadership, and practically all aspects.

Seeing that the Empire had fallen, a new set of leaders had to be established. Not to mention the death of Emperor Stockfish had left Martin, surprisingly, as the strongest bot in the land.

Martin was shocked to find a letter on his doorstep one morning, which read that he was to become the new Emperor of Chess City, and the leader of the Empire.

As a co-leader of the Chess City Championship (it had never culminated, owing to Mittens) M3GAN was also awarded a place on the Empire.

Some of Chess City’s strongest bots were also granted a spot in the Empire. Hikaru, Wesley, Ian and Fabiano were among these.

In the inaugural meeting of the new and improved Empire, Martin2.0 suggested a new initiative: improvement for all bot levels.

Instead of combining all bot levels for the Championship, there was to be training for all bots in Chess City, category tournaments, and decision-making conferences around the clock. Having lived his life as a beginner bot, Martin had struggled greatly and wanted to use his position to improve their status as a whole.

M3GAN supported his initiative, which was also backed up by the public and the rest of the Empire. Noam was among the many bots leading the initiative to coach beginner and intermediate bots.

While all these changes were taking place, the city was simultaneously mourning the loss of the Empire, not to mention the noble sacrifice of former Emperor Stockfish. By order of the current Emperor, a statue honoring Stockfish was to be built in Chess City.

With the statue coming along and the city slowly but surely getting back to normal, Martin2.0 was feeling as if things had truly come to a happy ending.

Maybe in their world, but in ours, the commotion was only beginning…

“I would like to congratulate Mr. Rensch for the innovative idea of introducing The Mysterious Mittens into the Chess.Com Computers Page.” said one of the committee.

There was polite applause, as Danny Rensch smiled.

“Of course, with the end of the month near.” continued the man. “We fully understand his decision to remove the Cat Bots altogether from the page. Hopefully, Mittens and Co. will return the year after.”

There was more applause, as the committee member took his seat. Rensch continued to smile, but inside he was constantly bugged with a nagging question.

Who had created Mittens? Chess.Com was deep in ideas for a fifth bot, they were considered Super Cat as one idea, and wished to create a bot that was considerably powerful. But Mittens had taken it to a whole new level. It was altogether an incredibly ingenious idea, truly the work of a brilliant mind.

His questions were answered with a phone call.

“There’s a man on the line, Mr. Rensch.” said his secretary, one afternoon. “He wants to talk to you.”

Rensch nodded and picked up the telephone. “Danny Rensch speaking. Who is this?”

“Your old protégé.” came a sinister voice from the other end. “Do you remember me, Danny?”

“Imafo.” said Rensch, immediately recognizing the voice. “The authorities are on your trail. You’re best advised to turn yourself in.”

“I can evade the cops, Rensch.” said Imafo, with a chuckle. “I just want you to know that it was I alone who created the cat: you know, the one that took the world by storm?”

“You?” questioned Rensch. “Are you trying to woo me in order to get a job in Chess.Com again?”

“Trust me, after everything you’ve done to me, we’re way past me getting a job in your company. But I’m not done just yet, Danny. I’m coming.”

“Coming for what exactly?” asked Rensch. “Everything.” said Imafo, as the line disconnected.

Ayaan Chettiar

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