Wonka Movie Review - Ayaan Chettiar

Movie Review – Wonka

As we snuggle into our homes nearing the conclusion of the remarkable 2023, the holiday season is alive with the traditional festive cheer, household residents bursting with anticipation for the upcoming Christmas celebration. From the young awaiting the onset of Saint Nicholas in the dead of night to the old holding hands and reveling in …

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Essay - Benefits of Reading Books - Ayaan Chettiar

Benefits Of Reading

In the world of today, the vast plethora of great literature at our fingertips makes reading books far more accessible than the decades before. But with the dramatic transition of the planet in the past century into the modern era, can novels and short stories still win our heart? Surveys have shown that one-third of …

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Essay - R K Narayan - Ayaan Chettiar

Essay – R.K. Narayan

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanswami (1906-2001) was an Indian writer and novelist, best known for his tales set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi. Better known by his pen name R.K. Narayan, he is widely recognized as one of the leading authors of his day and has been awarded with both the Padma Bhushan …

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Book Review – My Life: Transforming Dreams into Actions - Ayaan Chettiar - ayaanchettiar.com

Book Review – My Life : Transforming Dreams Into Actions

“You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.” APJ Abdul Kalam (1931-2015) was an Indian aerospace scientist who served as the 11th President of Independent India from 2002-2007. Throughout his long and illustrious journey, Abdul Kalam grew into one of the most iconic figures …

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Blog - Trip To Mumbai - Ayaan Chettiar - ayaanchettiar.com

Trip To Mumbai

Me and my family’s five-day summer holiday to visit my cousins in Mumbai was a much-needed trip of rest and relaxation, with lots of high-end fun to top it all. The itinerary was prepared well in advance, but had it been followed to the T, things would have turned out in quite different fashion than …

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Around The World Poem - Ayaan Chettiar - ayaanchettiar.com

Around The World

On Friday Eve, Ms. Globe, she said,To make a map of Geography,From pictures all over the world,Fact files were the simple key When the bell went off, the students scram,But me and Jack, we stayed quite back,And thought, “How to go around the world?”Without a little help from Tinkerbell! So we raced into the garden …

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Tiffins At Lunch Poem - Ayaan Chettiar - ayaanchettiar.com

Tiffins At Lunch

At a time, that feels so long ago,Me and my friends sat together you knowWe opened our tiffins in unison, we did,Our cheeky little hands lifted the lids. Nuts and fruits and biscuits, oh yum!Snacks, and crackers and cheese for our tums,Potato wafers that let out a crunchAll of it inside our tiffins at lunch, …

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The chess Poem - Ayaan Chettiar - ayaanchettiar.com

The Chess Poem

8 by 8 makes 64In the game of chess, the king shall ruleKings and queens, and rooks and knightsBishops and Pawns, and the use of mind The Game goes on, the players thinkPlans come together, form a linkAttacks, checks and captureUntil, of course, we reach a mate The Pawns march forward, then the knightsPower the …

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